• Tired of Having to Work Your Wardrobe Around Your Vein Issues?

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    vein issues fort myers eveinscreeningStop. There is no reason to continue. Come see us for a vein screening and let us help. With major advances in the way spider and varicose veins are treated you no longer need to live in pain or with the visible cosmetic issues that go along with venous disease in insufficiency.

    Your Evein screening online is fast, free and preliminary. It can get you started and pointed on the right track without even stepping foot in a doctors office while talking with a qualified Vein Expert.

    After clicking on the get started button you will be asked to give some basic contact information. Then that will be followed up by a short series of questions concerning your condition and overall health.

    The website is HIPPA compliant, totally confidential and very easy to use. It allows you to attach photos so the doctor can see in detail exactly where your problem areas are. You are then provided an accurate initial diagnosis. If further follow up is needed, you will be notified and a follow-up appointment can be scheduled along with a suggested plan of action.

    During the follow up you will meet with your Vein Specialist who will take a look at you in person. They will go over with your treatment options and recommendations and make sure you understand and feel comfortable with the possibilities and outcomes.

    When you are ready to proceed appointments will be booked and you will be on your way to healthy veins and pain-free youthful legs. No physical referrals are needed and most insurance does cover vein treatments as they are deemed a medical necessity not a cosmetic procedure.

    Treatments are performed in the office under local anesthesia which saves time and money as well as offering significantly lower risk of side effects for the patient.

    If you are having leg pain, heaviness, swelling, discomfort, or can visibly see varicose or spider veins don’t wait – have a free consultation done today. Visit www.eveinscreening.com

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